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Saturday, November 23 our parish, Our Lady of the Mountains, held a special Mass for the victims and survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan.
The decorations in the picture above shows photos of the Philippines after Haiyan. The Filipino flag is draped over the cross but not stretched out completely to show that the Philippines is wounded, beat up, weakened but they still rely upon the cross for their strength. The hat is one that the poor people in the Philippines wear. The hat represents that the poor were the ones who were hit hardest by Typhoon Haiyan.  The purple cloth in front of the altar represents the over  5,000 people who died in the typhoon. The weaved basket was for donations given by the people who attended Mass.


 Wednesday, November 21 I had the privilege to attend the Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral in Tucson for those affected by Haiyan in the Philippines and in Vietnam. The readings and intercessions were all done in many languages: Vietnamese, different dialects of the Philippines and in English.

At the Kyrie the Bishop and all the priests prostrated themselves to show their sorrow. This is also done at Good Friday.

Lord, have mercy on the Philippines and Vietnam.

Bishop Kicanas gave the homily and told us of the need for support from the total world and that the faith of the Filipino people is still strong.



 At the Offertory, the Bishop held the basket for people to walk up and put their donations in for Catholic Relief Service who will be using the money to send aide to the Philippines.
The Knights of Columbus were also at the Mass. This Knight is waiting for the procession to begin as he waits by Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Bishop and the priests are leaving the Cathedral. Our diocese is blessed to have many priests from the Philippines.

Photo shows the people of the Philippines carrying one of thousands of coffins of the dead from Haiyan. Among the rubble respect is still given to those who died.

The display in front of the cathedral altar shows the sticks from the shattered homes of the Philippines, flowers for those who died and baskets of money donated for aid.


In the Offertory procession sticks were brought up to show hope that the homes will be rebuilt and a bowl of rice-one of the staples of the Filipinos diet.

Let us together continue to pray -


God, who quiets great winds and stills rough seas,
We ask your protection for the people of the Philippines.
Comfort them in their fear.
Stay close to them in their danger.
And we ask the intercession of Your Blessed Mother
That together with her and with all your  holy saints
We may stand in solidarity with our Filipino brothers and sisters
through their darkest hour
through their longest night.
Give us the courage to remain steadfast
To reach out to them in their need
To comfort them in their sorrow
To hold them as closely as You hold them
To see them through to morning.

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