Monday, November 11, 2013


On this Veterans' Day Weekend, our city of Sierra Vista with Fort Huachuca, was offering all kinds of thank yous to  Veterans including a morning parade.
I took time to pray for the Veterans and when I met one I personally said thank you. 

I did spend the day though with friends from Mississippi,( where I was for nine years), in Tucson. We went out to eat at IHOP and I enjoyed Eggnog Pancakes-and yes they were good. Then off to the Botanical Gardens to see the butterfly exhibit where my Mississippi friend volunteers her time. She takes turns with another volunteer, either welcoming people to the exhibit or at the end of the exhibit taking a large duster to dust off any butterflies that may be on you. None are allowed to leave the enclosed area as all of them have been imported.

Before we went in we were told to look for the tiny dart frog-very colorful and hard to find. They were brought to the exhibit to eat the ants.

I did happen to see a couple. You had to get close to the ground to see them as I guess they were looking for their lunch of ants!

All kinds of butterflies were flying around, coming towards you, landing on you etc. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
A butterfly eating station.

Look closely to see the orange/red/black butterfly.

A large moth that wanted to be left alone today.

My favorite-the blue butterfly! When they flew it was just blue coming at you.
Outside the exhibit they had a garden of paper cranes, hanging and moving in the gentle wind-just like the butterflies.

So dainty!

Besides butterflies they also had some beautiful flowers!

To end the day with a beautiful sunset!

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