Saturday, November 2, 2013

All Hallows Eve to All Saints Day to All Souls Day!


Wow! What a week! One student said to me-"This is great! I got to come out of uniform two days in a row!
Yes, at our school, since it is named All Saints Catholic School we truly celebrate our feastday and the church's holyday!

We begin by celebrating All Hallows Eve by allowing students to come out of uniform if they wear a Halloween costume to school as long as it is not scary and is appropriate for our school. We had some very creative costumes. Some students I did not recognize until they got up close. Take a look at some of our interesting visitors on the 31st!

Statue of Liberty and her sister-a Geisha Girl

A Kindergarten student was totally unrecognizable

Harry Potter flew in for the day!


A Pirate, my secretary as Daffy Duck and me, as Minnie Mouse

Over lunch time I gave the students a chance to feel the insides of a pumpkin and pull out the seeds and "guts" as I call it. Some had never touched the inside of a pumpkin, let alone see it.  They had a wild time with it.  Take a look at the expressions on their faces.

He had never done this yet having transferred from a military school in Germany and he got his hand just inside and quickly said, "No, I can't do this." And he quickly pulled his hand out.


This year Halloween is on a Thursday and this is the day for 24 adoration at our church-Our Lady of the Mountains- as we have it the Thursday before first Friday. Our students take care of the afternoon hours and each class goes for a half hour. Kinder and 1st were on their way to church in their costumes-Superman, Spiderman, Princesses and our pastor, Fr. Ariel, asked the students where they were going. They replied, "To Adoration!" He asked what they were dressed as and they said again-"Super Heroes"
And our pastor replied,
"Who is the best Super Hero?" and they replied "God". So the little super heroes were on their way to spend time with the number 1 Super Hero. I am sure not too many Halloween costumes appeared in any other Catholic church!

Friday-Our Feastday Arrived-All Saints Day!  All the little saints lined up in the church courtyard before Mass eagerly waiting to parade into church singing-"O When the Saints, Go Marching In!" And here is the parade of saints. How many can you name?
St. Therese the Little Flower, Joan of Arc were up front!

A lot of Franciscan Saints showed up! And there is Joan of Arc-helmet on-ready for battle!

 A little St. Martin de Porres-broom and all! Father Ariel called up all the St. Kateri's which matched the design on his vestment for the day.

St. Therese the Little Flower and St. Francis of Assisi brought up the offertory gifts.

Little St. Joseph was not happy today. His head cloth was too tight!

St. Rose of Lima! She was so proud to show me her face. She is in my Religion class and she remembered the story I told about how St. Rose would scrub her face with pepper to make herself look ugly so people would not comment on her beauty. This little St. Rose rubbed her face with rouge to get the effect!

Make your own ice cream sundaes were served at lunch to celebrate our feastday! All smiles today!


Franciscans having a serious discussion over their ice cream.

No time to talk-just enjoy the ice cream!

All Souls Day finishes up the week. Students wrote names of those who died on pieces of paper and parishioners had names of their deceased loved ones in envelopes. All were in front of the altar being remembered in prayer.


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