Thursday, October 17, 2013

Our Lady of the Mountains- A Very Active Parish !!

This is Fall Break Week-it officially started on Friday, October 11th at 3:30pm. I traveled to Tucson that night to be with my Sisters at San Xavier Convent. Together we enjoyed the Broadway musical "Sister Act"
They didn't sing any of the original songs from the movie but created new songs as the story was told. We all enjoyed it as much as the two movies. A great way to kick off a much needed Fall Break.

I traveled back to Sierra Vista on Saturday morning to help with the Volunteer Dinner at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish. The Parish and School Staff put the dinner on to thank the many volunteers.

As you notice, I support my Green Bay Packers whenever I can.

At the dinner the Volunteer of the Year is announced.

Spoken like a truly giving volunteer, I heard Dave say as his name was announced and as he put his head into his hands, "There are so many other volunteers that deserve the award more."

Sunday, the 13th most of us were back at the parish again in the afternoon for the annual Our Lady of Fatima Procession. Many of the students at All Saints Catholic School volunteered to take part in this special procession to honor Our Lady.


The Children of Fatima

We processed around the church, school and on to Yaqui Street and back around on to our parish grounds.
Parishioners from three parishes took part in the procession.
It was a windy day for the young lady who carried Mary's silver crown.

The Knights of  Columbus are always so willing to lead the way.


One of my former students and myself introduced the mysteries of the rosary.

One of our students was Francisco and he prayed two of the mysteries.

Fr. Ariel Lustan, our pastor

Fall Break continued with a wide variety of activities from cleaning rugs, shopping at two of our new stores-Jo Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby, working in school and taking extra time to sleep, relax and pray.

When we return to All Saints Catholic School we will miss one of our military families who are moving to their new location-always a part of their life.

The father thanked our school for all we have done for their children. They presented the school with The Our Father in Spanish. We all gave them a blessing as they travel on their way.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

St. Francis Day - Blessing of Pets

St. Francis of Assisi Day Friday, October 4, 2013   ------- A Beautiful day of Sunshine!
At All Saints Catholic School in Sierra Vista, we celebrate St. Francis of Assisi Day by having an outdoor Mass where all pets were welcome to attend too with their owners and that they did. As we waited for Mass to start we heard lots of dogs and cats-the birds did not sing though.
It was the first Friday of the month so we had to wait for Fr. Ariel Lustan, pastor, to have benediction to close the 24 exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. This gave time for the pets to get adjusted to being most likely at their first Catholic Mass.

Grades 2 and 3 were the lectors at Mass and they read like professionals, for some it was their first time reading at Mass.


Fr. Ariel gave his homily and he didn't stop once even when some of the dogs in the back got into a very noisy scuffle.
Not sure if she wants a blessing-just like a baby at Baptism.
This beautiful dog was a service dog but after so many years he has to be retired. The neighbors were thrilled to become his new owner.

This little lady never made a sound through the whole Mass. A dogbone for her!

 A lot of holy water was used on this little guy.
A turtle blessing
 Kitty cats were blessed after the dogs were done.

The song birds received a blessing too!

 Our neighbors brought their 6 rescue dogs for a blessing. The big dog is blind and going deaf but dearly loved.
Our neighbors' horses wanted a blessing on St. Francis Day too!

 Making a wish-may I please have a puppy like this.
Students who helped put the chairs away took time to pet the dogs that were just blessed. The dogs loved the extra attention.
A smooch from my adopted friend.