Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Angel Choir

Christmas Eve is always special for families and especially children. It is very special for me. I love it! My angelic choir of students sang at the 6:00pm Christmas Eve service at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish.

Many of the other students acted out the Gospel story as Father Ariel Lustan read it.

It was perfect even though the shepherds were a little impatient at times or fought a little before the Gospel with their sticks. I thought to myself-this probably happened in real life on the hillsides in those days at the time of Jesus birth-kids are kids.

Before Mass began the angelic choir sang, "Like A Violet in the Snow."  The church was filled with extra chairs up and down all the aisles. My angels sat in the sanctuary to give room in the inn,(church) for more visitors.
Students from All Saints Catholic School did the 1st and 2nd readings and sang the responsorial psalm and alleluia. They are not shy at the microphone but are quite good at public speaking. (future lectors at our parish).

At the Gospel, Father A, as the children call him, came to the altar to read the Gospel Story of the Birth of Jesus Christ.
Caesar Augustus gave the proclamation with the snap of the scroll as Father A instructed him.

Mary and Joseph came down the road, (right on cue) and gave birth to Baby Jesus and laid him in the manger.

Later, Father A received the Baby Jesus from Mary and Joseph at the Presentation of Gifts and laid him peacefully into the manger-a gift to all of us always!

After Jesus was born, a multitude of angels filled the sky and woke up the sleepy shepherds on the hillside. They were shocked to see angels singing to them. They quickly found their way to Bethlehem to adore the Baby Jesus and the angels followed in the sky to sing to the newborn King!

The liturgy continued with the angels singing away. I found it easier to direct them by sitting with them instead of afar from the pew. They weren't use to being in the sanctuary and separated by a Christmas tree in the middle of all of them. We had to work around the beautiful Christmas decorations.

Father A for his homily called all the children to sit on the floor up front by him and he had a power point presentation for his Gospel.
God the Father spoke to us from the sky with his voice only, telling us a Savior would be coming to us here on earth.
Mary gave birth to Baby Jesus and Joseph was the proud foster father.
Father Ariel's vestment shows the Holy Family.

At the Christmas Eve Mass one of our 5th grade students who was baptized at a school Mass earlier this year received his First Holy Communion. He had been begging me to make it sooner than May. I had been asking Fr. Ariel for his permission but he kept saying he had to wait till May with the 2nd graders. Well, lo and behold, at the sign of peace, Jaime motions to me and points to his mouth and then to himself. I mouthed back-First Holy Communion???? He nodded yes. So at the time of communion Father A announces that "one of our school children who was recently baptized has been begging to receive communion and at the sign of peace asked again, "Father, when can I make my First Holy Communion" and how can I refuse him on Christmas Eve. So Jaime your Christmas gift is to receive the  Body of Christ." So his parents who sat in the back, as Jaime was serving, (he wasn't scheduled but volunteered way before Mass started to fill in) came out front and Jaime to his delight received his First Holy Communion!

After Mass there was lots of picture taking. This was a beautiful way for families to begin their Christmas celebration!

Merry Christmas to all of you!


  1. Sister Kay KlacknerDecember 26, 2012 at 7:28 AM

    Wonderful way to celebrate Christmas! I love the First Communion story---children have a way!
    Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Thank you, that was beautiful xx

  3. What a beautiful Pageant of Christmas! Thank you for sharing it with us.