Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sisters Celebrate Advent and the Packers

I was at the Motherhouse last week for  four days of meetings for our upcoming Chapter in June 2013. That Sunday the Advent season began-one of my favorite seasons as it is so peaceful and filled with Hope!

I had a chance to visit with our Sisters at St. Francis Convent where many of our retired Sisters live. Their Advent wreathe is so beautiful and large. It sits on one of the dining room tables for all to see and admire and to put them into the Advent spirit of "waiting".
Waiting for our Savior to be born as a tiny Baby. Our Savior came in history, mystery and majesty!

The Sisters were also waiting for the Packer game on Sunday and they receive and A+ as Green Bay Packer fans. Check out what else they have in their dining room. :):):)

The Sisters are also watching and waiting to see the new music performing arts center going up at our college-Silver Lake College of the Holy Family which is right next to St. Francis Convent.

At our Motherhouse, Holy Family Convent,the Advent Season is there in full force with Advent wreathes popping out throughout the house.

In St. Mary's Chapel we are reminded of the quote from Isaiah ... A Shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse.........
This tree was cut down from our woods and it is just perfect to rest the Advent wreathe on
as the stump of Jesse!

Even purple poinsettias for the Advent Season!

Come, Lord Jesus, come into our hearts this Advent Season!

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