Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Advent is a season of waiting and prepariong for the birthday of Jesus! Sometimes you get a week during Advent when each day/night is filled with the preparations. We just finished such a week. Tuesday was the Advent Reconcilation Service for our parish -Our Lady of the Mountains-at which some of the students made their First Reconciliation. The church was packed and there were seven priests hearing Confessions. It was great to see families coming together to celebrate this sacrament as part of their preparation for Christmas.

 3rd Sunday of Advent! REJOICE!

Wednesday was our school's Christmas program. We did a performance at 1:30pm for parishioners and at 6:00pm for parents and grandparents. There was standing room only and each time the students performed it was better than before. Here are some parts of our Christmas program:

 Kings came to celebrate the birthday of Baby Jesus the Newborn King!
All the animals came alive in Bethlehem in the stable.
The sheep that came to see Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

The Angels came to tell the Shepherds of the newborn King!

"Do the camel walk! Do the camel walk!"

 These camels really could dance-and the audience loved it.  

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the Town of Bethlehem ..........

C is for the Christ Child born on Christmas morning and H is for .........

Grs. Kindergaraten-2nd did Rockin Around the Christmas Tree. They really got into it and they "brought the house down." This was the hit of the whole program.

After the program on Wednesday night all hurried home to sleep as our Bishop was arriving the next morning for 8:15am Mass with all the school children and parents.
The students in Grades 3 and 4 wrote him a letter asking him many questions. He decided to come in person to answer them.

Feast of  St. Lucy, this is why they are wearing red and not Advent purple.
The choir singing the parish's song-"Our Lady of the Mountains" in their blue blasers.

 Our beautiful mountains provide a prayerful reflection always while at Mass.

Bishop Gerald Kicanas, Sr. Carol Seidl, Principal, Fr. Ariel Lustan, Pastor

The Bishop visited each classroom and answered all questions, even from our class of three year olds.

And now on to the Simbang Gabi-the Filipino novena before Christmas. 6:00pm Mass each evening followed by a meal together.

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