Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Frozen Tundra..... And Winter Wonderland!

For the first time in 12 years I went to Wisconsin for Christmas vacation and celebrated my birthday with my family. Here is my cake!!!! 

My sister-in-law did a great job in picking it out.  It was great seeing all of my family including cousins at our get - together.
Of course, being the Packer fan that I am, I had to make a trip to Lambeau Field, the true Frozen Tundra.

A dusting of snow on Vince Lombardi's shoulders.

Wisconsin, in particular, Green Bay has been called the Frozen Tundra. I would agree. It was in the teens the temperatures and when I left on New Year's Day I was leaving behind a temperature of 7 below. I am one who loves to walk daily but I sure didn't do it the week I was in Wisconsin.

I did walk the first days home when I was at my little brother's house. The family dog, Baxter, loved to walk in the snow. He picked the route too. I put the leash on and let him go. He knew when he was tired and then he headed home.

Here he is in his chair, (it is never moved from this window) waiting for my sister-in-law to come home from work. When she was in the hospital this past year, he stayed in that chair by the window day and night till she finally came home. WOW!!! True devotion-a woman's best friend.

The neighbors in downtown Luxemburg, Wisconsin had this fantastic light display for Christmas. They even had Christmas carols playing too.

I spent time on our family farm, which is now the 3rd generation Seidl Farm. It looks like the Frozen Tundra but yet a glistening of winter beauty.

Buddy, the family dog here, loves the cold weather. He loved to play in the snow and would sit on the porch looking through the patio doors into the dining room to watch all the Christmas activity. What a watch-dog!
I had fun playing in the snow with my grand-nephew, Mason. Buddy played with us too and surprised us both by grabbing Mason's stocking hat off his head and running with it. The chase was on but there was no way we could get it back from him. He was clever and up to the fun! He knew what he did!

Sunday I went to my hometown parish, St. Mary's of Luxemburg, for Mass. They have this beautiful stainglass window in their Gathering Space.
May Mary, Our Mother, bring peace to our world in 2013! Happy New Year!

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