Sunday, September 28, 2014

What does a Franciscan Sister do on the weekend?

Saturday, September 27th was a very busy one. It began with 9:00am Mass at St. Andrew's Church with Sr. Joellen, who is the DRE here.


The Mass led into the March for the Poor with our students, parents, and faculty taking part in it along with members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society from both parishes. Food was collected all week at All Saints Catholic School and at St. Andrew's Parish. The food was put into grocery carts and pushed as we all marched one mile from the church to the
St. Vincent de Paul Store in Sierra Vista.

After that I changed clothes and went to Our Lady of the Mountains Parish for a Baptism of two children. The parents are on the Strong Catholic Family Committee with me.

Then it was back in the car, stop at Our Lady of the Mountains Convent to pick up Sr. Joellen and off we went again to St. Andrew's Parish. We were invited to the San Lorenzo Feastday celebration planned by the Filipino community. It was held with the 5:00pm Saturday night Mass.
The Filipino teens carried the statue of San Lorenzo in the entrance procession.

Fr. Ariel Lustan, a Filipino priest who was pastor at Our Lady of the Mountains, was invited to come back to Sierra Vista from his new parish in Casa Grande to celebrate this special Mass.

On Sunday, I am enjoying a great day off while I watch the Packer and Bears game and we are doing great this Sunday!!

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