Sunday, September 7, 2014

Santa Rita Abbey

Labor Day weekend is always a good time to get together with our Sisters in Tucson. This year we met at Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita.

Santa Rita Abbey in Sonoita

We met there so we could visit with Sister Hannah who is in our community but is currently in transition to the Cistercian Sisters at the Santa Rita Abbey. We had a very lively 50 minute visit. We found out all about her new lifestyle. She rises at 3:10am every morning for prayer with the community and goes to bed at 7:30pm. Quite a change in her lifestyle.
 The parking lot. As you can see the Abbey is out in the country and in the hills.

She works during the day helping to make the altar breads that provide the income for all the Sisters.
Once a month she is allowed to use the internet and email.

She is very happy and smiles a lot.

Guest Chapel
The altar and ambo were carved out of wood by one of their own Cistercian Sisters.
Choir Stalls for the Cistercian Sisters
The Sisters also run a retreat center on their property. Here is the long outdoor hallway to the bedrooms and chapel.

 Their Chapel, with lots of windows to view the hills, which are now green due to the monsoon season.
 The Word of God is enthroned on a simple wooden bench.

After our visit, we went to the town of Sonoita to eat and then on to Patagonia.
In Patagonia we visited a bird sanctuary for hummingbirds

People come from all over the world to see the many varieties and colors of hummingbirds.
There was a rodeo going on in Sonoita but we chose not to stop and see it, but it looks tempting for next year.

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