Saturday, September 13, 2014


Fr. Mike Bucciarelli was installed as the 4th pastor of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in  Sierra Vista by the Bishop of Tucson-Bishop Gerald Kicanas. The event took place on Friday night, September 12th at 6:00pm.

Before the festivities began there was time for Fr. Mike to meet with his fellow priests from the vicariate that he serves as their Vicar and also with the deacons from our parish and the neighboring parishes (  a large group of them).

The altar servers were ready in time along with the Knights of Columbus who served as Honor Guard for the evening.

There were many church items that symbolized the role of a pastor that were brought up as part of the installation ceremony. 
These are just a few of them.

Mass began and all church choirs were present and sang different parts of the Mass.

 The Bishop during the installation ceremony kneels to the side in the sanctuary. The new pastor celebrates the Mass.
 Some students from All Saints Catholic School waiting for their turn in the presentation of symbols.
The Bishop begins by reading the promises Fr. Mike takes as pastor.  (See how bright it is outside)

After Fr. Mike makes his promises to the Bishop he is presented with the symbols of his role as pastor. The Bishop reads about each one as they are brought forth to Fr. Mike.

The first to be presented was the key to the church and the key to the tabernacle.

After that the ceremony veered from the ritual by having Sr. Carol and students present the mortgage to Fr. Mike. It was paid in full as of September 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The people in the parish gasped and clapped. They were surprised it was paid off in 5 years and it was a 15 year mortgage.

 We presented a symbol of our school's Mission Statement .
 Such beautiful words!!

The Gospel Book was presented next followed by a purple stole.

A shell representing Baptism was next and then the three jars of the Precious Oils.

The Mass continued with our newly installed pastor. It was now dark outside our beautiful church window.

This is the Body of Christ, Do This in Remembrance of Me.

The Blood of Christ.

After Mass, time to greet the Bishop, congratulate Father Mike and enjoy some of his cake.

Sr. Carol and Sr. Joellen with Bishop Kicanas


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  1. Congratulations to the new pastor! I will be eager to meet him when I visit. I ask God's blessings on the parish, the school, the Sisters and all whose lives are touched in Sierra Vista!