Friday, October 5, 2012

St. Francis of Assisi - a Great Role Model

All Saints Catholic School celebrated St. Francis Day in many different ways!
Each class at All Saints chose their patron saint for the year.Michele Elliott's class of 1st and 2nd graders chose St. Francis of Assisi. To celebrate the feast they did what he probably would do if he were alive today. They collected a wagon load of supplies for our local animal shelter. The offering was pulled up by the students at the outdoor Mass on St. Francis of Assisi Day, October 4th.

Fr. Ariel receives the offering of doggie bones, doggie beds, cat food etc.

During the Mass the faculty and students paid tribute to the Franciscan Sisters who serve at the school and
 Our Lady of the Mountains Parish.

 Sr. Mary Ann, Sr. Anna, Sr. Carol and Paco that Sr. Carol babysat during the Mass.
Flowers and cards were presented to the Sisters by the students and Paco looks on.
At the Mass parishioners, parents, students and neighbors of the school had their pets-dogs, cats, birds, turtles, hamsters, grasshoppers and horses-with them as the blessing of animals took place after the Mass this year. They had their own chorus that often competed with the children's chorus. At times some of the animals were so loud they had to be separated from the rest and sat out on the sidelines till the Mass was over.
At last, the final blessing, (for people) was given and then Fr. Ariel proceeded to bless all pets.
 One of the more obedient dogs that came for a blessing.

 Turtles in a comfy box!
Our neighbors brought their 2 horses and 4 of their 6 dogs. ( They didn't have enough hands to bring the other 2 across the road.)
In the afternoon the students played bingo and enjoyed ice cream sundaes.
 I believe he is asking for 2nds on the ice cream. Can you blame him?
 The Knights of Columbus donated 50 stuffed animals for our bingo prizes.

The day after St. Francis Day was Nerd Day!
I never saw such "nerdiest students" in my life. They had eveyone laughing as they got out of their cars this morning and came in to school. The parents enjoyed seeing the nerds as much as everyone else and the students were so proud of their "nerdy outfits"  One boy who won the #1 nerd in his class proudly announced to his class-"I am the Nerdiest One in here!!!"
Take a look at some of our self-made nerds-----

Jaime,with the red shirt, would point out to all his nerdy bowtie with a little calculator in the center. Notice the pens in the pockets.

A family of nerds

The winning nerds from each class-PreSchool 3 year olds through 8th grade.

 The winning nerds jumping for joy!!!

Sunset over our church and school on Friday, October 5th to end a very busy week!

The week also had a sad note and brought us all to pray for the Border Patrol Agent who was shot and killed not far from our school and church in Naco, AZ. The funeral is Monday at the Mormon Church next to our school. There will be a salute to him by the Border Patrol riding on horses to the church, since he often rode his horse while on duty. May his soul rest in peace as we bow our heads in prayer for him and his family.

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