Sunday, October 28, 2012

Human Velcro

I learned this weekend and saw what "human velcro" is. One of my teachers and myself took eight students to the Diocesan Youth Fest in Tucson. After lunch they had a room full of inflatables for the kids to burn off some of their energy. My students were anxious to do the "Human Velcro" inflatable.

One puts on this heavy suit that is all velcro on the outside.

You run on a large inflated balloon and then jump up onto the end wall that is all velcro. You hope you stick! Some students stuck so much they needed help to get unstuck to get back down again.

There were 400 Jr. High and High School students from all corners of the Diocese at the Youth Fest. Fr. Greg Adolph,  pastor at St. Andrew's Parish in Sierra Vista, gave the keynote address about Padre Kino, the first missionary in northern Mexico and southeastern AZ. He planted the seeds of Catholicism in the Diocese of Tucson.
 Great bunch of kids who enjoyed the day!

The chaperones from 7:30am-7:15pm.

The trip to Tucson took an hour and a half so one has a chance to see the students from a different perspective-a more relaxed atmosphere and they tend to share more of their thoughts. I drove the boys to the Youth Fest. Shortly after leaving Sierra Vista all vehicles have to stop at the Border Patrol checkpoint. One rolls down the window, takes off the sunglasses and I always greet the Border Patrol and tell them to have a nice day. They see me and say ok, keep going. The 6th grade boy sitting in the front seat by me says, "Boy, that must make you feel special." I said, "What?" "He didn't ask you if you were a regisetred U.S. citizen. "  "Oh, do they always ask you that?" "Yes, Sister."
On the way back the same boy said to me, "You are so lucky. You always have something to wear and never have to think about it as you always wear the same thing. You really are lucky also because you always have a Halloween costume to wear!" I had no comment to that. He is new to our school so I am sure he has been observing very closely us Sisters. Sort of like what we did when we were in a Catholic grade school and wondered if the Sisters had hair and what color it could be under the wimple and veil.

Fall does come to the Southwest-our temperatures are cooling down to about 58 degrees in the early morning hours and highs in the 80's only. Parents are taking their children to the pumpkin patch. Great time to have a Harvest Breakfast! The PTSO-Parent Teacher Student Organization held their annual Harvest Breakfast on Sun., Oct. 28th. Those who signed up to cook were in the kitchen at 6:00am-surprisingly it was mostly men chefs!
Even the pastor, Rev. Ariel Lustan,  got up early to mix the scrambled eggs.

I taught some 4th grade girls how to roll the plasticware into the napkin for the customers.

They were good students and celebrated when they were done.

We have a very active Student Council at All Saints Catholic School. They got the students and teachers involved in Say No To Drugs Week. Each class had to weave with red ribbon onto the school fence the following:
Each class took their turn and were quite industrious at it.

Then it was "Wear Pink Day" at school in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was  a treat to see the bright colors on the playground that day.

Now the next week of school we will celebrate Halloween and All Saints Day! Yes, we will be singing "When the Saints Go Marching In" as the students march into the Mass on Nov. 1 all dressed up as saints. Many of the seven newly canonized saints will make an appearance that day. We are so blest at All Saints Catholic School!

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