Sunday, September 30, 2012

March For the Poor

Every year around the feast of St. Vincent de Paul the March For The Poor is conducted.

 This Saturday about 15 students, 4 teachers,myself and plenty of parents gathered at St.Andrews Catholic Church in Sierra Vista for the annual event. Students collected boxes of food in their classroom for this event.

We filled three shopping carts full of food. We attended the 9:00am Mass and after the Mass joined members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and parishioners in the march to the St. Vincent de Paul Store. It was about a mile walk crossing the main busy street in Sierra Vista - Fry  Blvd.

 It was a challenge at times to push the heavy shopping carts filled with can and box food. The cracks in the sidewalk, going from concrete to blacktop and at times dirt presented challenges to those taking turns pushing the carts. Only one cart tipped over and that was in the driveway of the St. Vincent de Paul Store.

We made it to the store and all were appreciative to have more food to give out. Once everyone finally ended up at the store we were surprised at how many of us there really were.

Ministry weekend was held at Our Lady of the Mountains Church after all the Masses. Any group that has a church ministry manned a table in hopes for new volunteers.

The Silver Rose was at our parish since Friday's school Mass with the children. The Knights of Columbus sponsor this project. There are four silver roses that travel North America to represent the sacredness of life and not the "culture of death" Special prayer intentions are sent with the rose as it moves from place to place and all the roses will end up on Dec. 12th at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico.

After the Ministry Fair I went to Fort Huachuca, our Army Fort just 7 minutes from our convent, for the birthday party for one of our 2nd grade boys whose Dad is in Afghanistan for almost a year now. I wish I had my camera to show you this. They had sack races but instead of using sacks they used the green Army duffel bags. It was so funny to see these kids in these tall, slender, dark green canvas bags. They had a blast!

And now as I wind down I have one more critter story to share with you........

This is the year for unique critters. You get use to looking down for snakes and red ants and up for some insect that might fall upon you. One morning I was getting ready to open the school gate when  I looked up and this green critter, that looked the most like a grasshopper, was looking down at me.

 Should I enter and take the chance of getting it stuck in my hair, or shake the gate to make it fall first or go in another way. I chose to just enter quickly and hope it doesn't fall on me. I was in luck this day!
We end this busy weekend with the harvest full moon!

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