Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kids Say the Darnest Things!

When you think your students aren't listening to you, you find out they really are. Remember Art Linkletter's show-"Kids Say the Darnest Things"? Sr. Mary Ann found out that one of her students paid close attention to her words. Here's what happened. Sr. Mary Ann fell one morning this week walking over decorative rocks in our parking lot. Needless to say she didn't look too pretty and missed a day of school. When she returned the next day one of her little Kindergarten girls said to her, "Sister, can I tell you something?" Sr. Mary Ann said, "Sure, Mary, you can tell me anything you want. " "Well, Sister, you should have stayed focused, or you wouldn't have fallen."  Sr. Mary Ann just grinned as this is what she has told Mary several times a day since day 1 of school.

Another example of "Kids Say the Darndest Things" - Fr. Ricky, was speaking to Grs. 5-8 about answering God's call to be a priest. He asked for questions and one 5th grade boy raised his hand. Fr. Ricky called upon him and the 5th grader said, " I am going to say something that I have never told anyone. " ( I thought oh no, what deep secret is this?) He then told us all, " I am a Redneck!"  Fr. Ricky handled it well and I am sure some kids had no clue what a "redneck" is.

It was SOS Sunday this weekend at church. This is where the students take up the 2nd collection at each Mass and the money goes to our school. At the 9:30am Mass the school choir sings. Here are some of the choir girls enjoying using tambourines to the song, " I Have Redeemed You" by Sr. Carol Juckem.
The girls helped me put the tambourines away after Mass. They told me they were going to the new 3 D movie of "Finding Nemo". They asked me, " Do you want to come with us? We can ask our parents to see if you can come along?"
I said, "Thanks, but I have two more Masses today because of SOS and I am making dinner for the other Sisters. If a Christmas movie comes out I will gladly go with you." " OK, Sister!" they responded.

Following-------Potpourri from the rest of the Week........

Fr. Ricky, the vocation director for the diocese, came to visit our school on Friday. He celebrated our weekly school Mass. He complimentd the 2nd grade boys who read all the readings for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. He had them stand on the church chairs to show how they read like young men not 2nd graders. The boys just beamed.

We have been looking for a 2nd car for us Sisters and at last this Friday, a red 1996 Toyota Corrolla was donated. I took it for a spin in the neighborhood by school and it rumbled a little but for a car to run to and from school, it will do.

 I guess my days of driving the parish's well used 1988 red Dakota Dodge truck are coming to an end. It was an adventure especially when I drove it one night and found out the dashboard did not light up. Thank goodness, there was  a car in front of me. I just paced myself behind it and learned to take a flashlight with me there after.

One day this week a centipede appeared on the outside of my office window. So glad it stayed on the outside. He looks a little fierce!

Insects seem to grow large here-maybe it is all the sunshine. Take a look at this grasshopper outside my office.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

This Sunday was Catechetical Sunday. Religion teachers for our school and parish were commissioned and blessed at Mass. 

Our pastor, Fr. Ariel, gave an excellent homily  using the word Hands. Hands can work in two ways.
1) H-healing 2) A-assuring 3) N-nurturing 4) D-developing 5) S-servant  the 2nd way goes like this,
 1) H-hurting 2) A-alienating 3) N-nixing 4) D-destructing 5) S-self-serving .

Our view from our sanctuary window is really green since we had the wettest monsoon season in 50 years! We received over 10" of rain from the 2nd week of June till today and the monsoon season is quickly coming to an end. No one complains here when it rains. It helps keep the fires down in the mountains and canyons.

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  1. I am responding to your "Kids say the darnedest things" blog. Sometimes, they say profound things that you know the Holy Spirit is working in their lives. One of our West Bend, WI pen pals (now a 4th grader), had this to say in regards to a discussion on the Eucharist: Mrs. Tranel, his teacher said: "We were talking about the Eucharist and how it truly is Jesus' body and blood. How we take and eat and He becomes part of us." Taylor raised his hand and said something like this: "So is that why we call Communion the host? Because we take Him inside of us and He lives in us and becomes part of our soul?"

    "He actually made me speechless with that insight! I even got tears in my eyes. THAT is why I love teaching in a Catholic school!" (Mrs. Tranel)

    I am sharing this with Jenny Chemer's permission. Jenny is Taylor's Mom.