Tuesday, August 20, 2013


School Year 2013-2014!
Teacher Inservice began August 1st, Open House was August 6th and the first day of school was August 7th. And we just finished our first full week of school -fire drill and all!

Look at these outstanding bulletin boards to open our school year!

The Packers even made it to Sierra Vista to open our school year!

 Each month we will select one outstanding student from each class to be our "Diamond of the Mountain." Pictures will appear here with the reason that they are at the top of our mountain!


 Our goal for the year: Journeying With Pope Francis!  Each month we will pick one saying of Pope Francis and make an action plan for it. August-we selected Pope Francis' saying,, " We are at odds with our environment." Action plan-all students will pick up trash on the church and school grounds on August 20th and then an ecology conscious project in each classroom.

We had our first school Mass prepared by the 6th and 7th graders.
 Father Ariel blessed all the classrooms after our first school Mass.
 Walking the quiet sidewalk around the classrooms - on a mission!
This was the 3rd Sunday of the month so we had our First SOS Weekend ( Save Our School). 2nd collection is taken up by the students at all of the 5 Masses and it goes to our school. Our Lady of the Mountains Parishioners are very supportive of our school.
The school choir sings at the 9:30am Mass. We have new members and our project this year is to raise money for real songbooks for our school Masses!

 Students are the lectors at the 9:30am Mass. They pronounced the following words perfectly: Zedekiah, Malchiah, Ebed-melech, demoralizing-and all with confidence.
 Two students sing the psalm response and the lead the congregation. We have many eager students volunteering to do this ministry. Future adult cantors of our  Catholic Church.

And here are our future ushers...............
PreSchool and Prekindergarten took up the 2nd collection at our Spanish Mass!  (The little girl on the left loves wearing her blue jumper because it looks like Sister Carol's. How observant 4 year olds are! )

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us the thrill of the first days of school. I still like to smell a box of new crayons and remember the thrill and energy of "beginning again". God bless your families and students as you guide them in the love of Jesus, their parish and their environment.