Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bishop Kicanas Visits Our Parish

Bishop Kicanas surprised our pastor with a phone call a week ago and said, " I am coming to visit your parish on Sunday, August 11th!" The Bishop left on Thursday from Tucson and is visiting all the parishes in Cochise County-all in one vicariate. A very busy schedule for the Bishop. The Bishop celebrated the 7:30am and 9:30am Sunday Masses. The church was filled for both Masses. Our school students and their parents were at both Masses and our students proudly showed off their new uniforms with our new logo.
 The new logo was designed by Sr. Mariella Erdmann, one of our Franciscan Sisters who is an Art Professor at our college-Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. She was also my Postulant Directress.
The mountains and the M stand for Our Lady of the Mountains, our parish name and the first name of our school, before it was changed to All Saints.  The logo is now being used for our parish also, with Our Lady of the Mountains printed at the bottom instead of All Saints Catholic School.

Here are some pictures of the Bishop's visit.
Parishioners had an opportunity to greet the Bishop before Mass.

Our Knights of Columbus formed an honor guard for the Bishop.

Bishop - greeting one of our faithful parishioners who is in a wheelchair.

Giving his mitre to the Deacon.

After the Gospel was read, the Bishop took the Book of the Gospels and gave the people a blessing with it.
Fr. Ariel concelebrated the Mass with the Bishop.

The Bishop asked for all students and teachers to come up front for a blessing as they began a new school year. We started on August 7th.

The Final Blessing!

After Mass -time for pictures with the Bishop.  We had some very proud students with him! And I was proud of them too!

 Breakfast with the Bishop was next-all parishioners were invited too :):)

The Bishop follows a vegan diet so I tried lots of new foods.

A very jubilant pastor at the end of the Bishop's Pastoral Visit to Our Lady of the Mountains Parish in Sierra Vista. It couldn't have been a better morning! 
Also, a great way to start our school year.


  1. What a very pastoral bishop. No wonder the people came out to pack the church and be in contact with him. I love the logo on the uniforms and for your parish. Looks like you are growing the faith in this year of faith. Blessings on all!

  2. How wonderful to begin the new school year with such great enthusiasm! Thanks for sharing the moments!