Thursday, May 23, 2013


Our Kindergarten Class of 2013 really "Rocked" as they graduated on Wed., May 22nd.  Beginning on Monday of this week parents weren't allowed into their classroom as their graduation ceremony was a surprise for them and their room was being prepared.

As parents began arriving for the 2:30pm ceremony the Kindergarten class waited in our craft room so they would be a surprise for their families when they processed into their classroom. As one little boy told me as I peeked in to see how nervous they were, "We are practicing we are doing a lock-down drill and are being very quiet." And they truly were. Here they are all waiting in anticipation for graduation and surprising their families with their "Rockin- Good Program!"
They have their graduation caps and stoles on and their guitars ready for the 2nd part of the program-the big surprise for their parents!
Now-here comes the procession in to their classroom on their Graduation Day............

The Presentation of Diplomas came next!
 Waiting for the diploma and to toss the hat in the air.
 Packed room of very proud parents and grandparents.
 Smiles and nervousness can be seen on their faces.
 Congratulations Ethan! You are a Rockin Kindergarten Graduate!

 Is this diploma for real? Am I really going to be a 1st grader?
Time to move the gold cord to the other side. I have graduated and I am moving on!

Processing out so we can get ready for the Big Rockin Surprise for our parents!!

 Here comes the future Rock Stars of Arizona!

In at the count of 3......
Turn around and begin to JAM!!!

They danced, jammed, strummed to the song "Kindergarten Rock!"
The song sang all the things they learned in Kindergarten. Remember the poem, "Everything I Learned I Learned in Kindergarten"? Well, it is true because these students really learned a lot!!! We are all so proud of them. :):):)
 The boys really got into the song and loved to "Jam"!

 Proud family moments!

 Graduation Refreshments!

Hershey Diplomas for each of them also!
A big Thank You to Mrs. Hoppus their Teacher! 

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