Saturday, May 18, 2013

1 Way To Roast A Pig!

After living in Hawaii and now in Sierra Vista where there are many Filipinos living I have experienced many pig roasts. I have found that there are several methods to roast a pig. One way is putting it on a pole and then putting it over a fire and turns are taken to keep the pig rotating over the fire.

The latest way I have seen to roast the pig and perhaps the easiest is to buy a box like this
The charcoals are on top-the gray part you see-and the pig lays underneath on a rack.

Of course, first you must buy a pig that has already been slaughtered. The people doing this pig roast went to Wilcox, AZ to get this pig. The roast was done for our pastor, Fr. Ariel Lustan, on his recent 46th birthday.

The birthday pig was put in at 7:30am and it was done by 12:50pm.Before 7:30am it was filled with spices, banana leaves,onions and other items I wasn't quite sure what they were.

Here is a picture of the pig fully roasted.

Carefully lifting the roasted pig out.

What a pretty face. It looks shocked!

Eager to cut into Mr. Pig!

 It was flipped over to show the charred side, which are the banana leaves holding in the spices, onions and other things I couldn't identify. Notice the tail is still intact. It is a tasty part of the pig that is chewed on and enjoyed.   

The main chef gets the tail!    

All help to carve it up and sample it as the process goes along.
The skin of the pig was very delicious and enjoyed by all. It is crispy with a thin layer of fat.

The meal followed with all kinds of Filipino dishes to go with Mr. Pig. A great feast for a birthday!

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  1. You made this look relatively easy...especially all the hands that did the work.