Sunday, March 10, 2013

Paper Mache and Career Day !

Hey Sister, I forgot my roll of toilet paper at home. Do you have one I could use?  I thought what a strange request, then I realized it was from my Art Teacher and she needed it for her art project for the day. She was doing paper mache with the students. Here is one of the steps in making  the birds that require: cheap toilet paper, white glue, pre-mixed dry wall joint compound, flour and glycerine.

Ms. Sherry first showed the students the finished product they were aiming for.
She then explained and demonstrated the process.

Now it is the students' turn to create!

Here's my roll of toilet paper after being put in water, torned into small, rough balls. Looks like Popcorn, doesn't it?

Plastic forks come in handy to put the paper on.

 A little mess on the hands is part of Art class.

Finished products for the day-waiting for the next step-painting!

Birds of all sizes and design-Creativity Line-Up!

The week ended with Career Day! 
And an article on the front page of the Sunday edition of the Sierra Vista Herald! 
Yeah for our school!

I listened to each of the speakers on career day and the message was the same: "Try things in life! Don't be afraid to do different things. It is only this way you will find out what you like, what you are good at and what you want to do with your life.
Here are the professions we had for the morning.

Our school nurse explained to our younger students the proper way to wash their hands.

With the older students she told them how they can do Compression-Only CPR

A priest who became an Army Chaplain at Fort Huachuca. He explained all the patches on his uniform to the small children. 
Border Patrol Agent explaining his bullet proof vest and night goggles.

Telling the students how he tracks footprints and drugs.

CEO of our local electric company that mines coal in our area to produce electricity.

He explained the many jobs at his company.

A lady Army Sargent explaining about MRE-Meals Ready to Eat!

Each class got to sample one of the meals!

Career Day was once again a success! 
Thank you to  our many speakers for making our students think-what can I be when I grow up.

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  1. This post inspires the creation of more flocks of bright-winged creatures! How marvelous adults are also willing to share their passion for serving others with the next generation!