Sunday, March 3, 2013

All Saints Catholic School Faculty On the Move

Three of the teachers at All Saints Catholic School are in the RCIA Program this year. Sr. Carol is conducting the program along with the help of Sr. Anna and Agnes Pino. All attend the 7:30am Mass on Sunday and are dismissed after the homily for class.

Sunday, February 24th all traveled to St. Augustine's Cathedral for the Rite of Election with Bishop Kicanas along with their sponsors.

 We processed up the aisle and were presented to the Bishop along with the other candidates and catechumens.
We also met another one of our Sisters, Sr. Carla, who had candidates from San Xavier  Mission.

The Rite of Election just kicked off a very busy week at All Saints Catholic School. Monday-Wednesday the accreditation team was at our school from 7:15am-7:30pm. We were glad to have their visit come to an end. We received a good report about our school.

To celebrate that it was over and to relax we had a Faculty versus Student Kickball game on Thursday.  Father Ariel, or Father A as the students call him was the Captain of the students team. He had more than enough students so the three boys in 7th and 8th volunteered to be on the Faculty Team. We only had seven teachers on the team. It was  a beautiful day with winter finally leaving us.

Here are some of the action shots. By the way the faculty won the game. 
My Team--The Winners

Getting ready to hit a possible home run! Not quite but I did make it to base.

Younger students were in the stands cheering us on.

The agony of defeat when Sr. Carol again made it safely to first and further.

Smoke in the background is a controlled burn in the canyons.

A high kicker!

Yes, it was a foul ball!

Part of Father A's Team! So many of them, he had to rotate them in and out.

To end a very busy week, it was the school's turn to serve the soup and  bread after the Parish's Friday night Stations of the Cross.  I was very proud of all the students and parents who showed up. Yes, we are a definite part of Our Lady of the Mountains Parish!

Even Kindergarten students helped to serve the soup and bread and were happy to do so!

Now the 3rd week of Lent should be more quiet as we study hard before the end of the 3rd quarter and next week's SPRING BREAK!!! :):):)

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