Monday, February 4, 2013


The title this week - "No Two Days Are the Same! " fits this past week. The weather changed daily along with the variety of "hats" or "veils" I wear.

It was Catholic Schools Week and no two days had the same weather.We started out with nice warm weather which led itself to rain off and on all day with many rainbows all around school and indoor recess, which at times is a treat for children.

After the rain and rainbows we had cold weather and snow!!! 
View from in front of our glass church window.
Most picturesque church window that God changes constantly with His own pictures He likes to share with us!
A parent called me this morning at 6:30 asking if there was school. This was after I had left the house at 5:45am to pick up donuts for Donuts With Dad - our Catholic Schools Week activity for the day. I said yes, there is school. She replied, Well, don't you have snow there? I said yes, but not enough to call off school. You forget, I am from Wisconsin!
Here is Donuts For Dad on this snowy day......................

That night I had to give a vocation talk on being a Sister to our parish's confirmation class. They enjoyed the pictures I showed of myself as a Postulant, Temporary Professed and Final Profession. After hearing my vocation story I could tell the wheels were turning and they were trying to figure out - " How old is she with all these experiences?"

Catholic Schools Week continues and we have a Student Council activity - Mexican Bingo. Several of the boys on Student Council, their parents are originally from Mexico so they go often to Mexico so naturally they played Mexican Bingo. This is different from the "Catholic Bingo" we are use to.

 The bingo cards are smaller and instead of numbers there are pictures of items from Mexico. The boys took turns calling the item out in Spanish and then English. Beans were used to cover the pictures. After awhile though, one of them asked if we couldn't play "the other kind of bingo". We took a vote and all students voted unanimously to switch to the number cards. I began the calling and lots of kids were winning prizes and did not want to quit playing, even when it was time to go home!

Sunday I was invited to the Baptism of one of our 1st graders. I went to St. John the Divine Catholic Church of the Anglican Rite.  It has a congregation of about 20 people and little Willie is the only child.

Willie was first called up to the front of the church to see the priest and deacon and to say, "Yes, I want to be baptized." He was very nervous. He then proceeded to the back of church to the baptismal tub.
Little did he know how cold the water was going to be in the baptismal tub. He was shivering.

Willie very proudly carries up his new lit Baptismal candle to the front of church for all to see him as a newly baptized member of the congregation.

 Willie's job every Sunday is to take up the collection and he doesn't miss anyone. He came to my pew and asked, "Do you have any money Sister Carol? Do you? Can you put something in Sister Carol?" So I did as I don't think he would have moved on till I did.

Here is the outside of the church. It is a little country church.

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