Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mini-Camp Franciscan

This was a busy weekend with our school choir. We had our own mini-Camp Franciscan. We had a talent show, we prayed and sang together and ended up playing games together and having a meal together. The only part missing from Camp Franciscan in the summertime was the bonfire and sleeping overnight.
Here are some pictures of our mini-Camp Franciscan.

Saturday night was our school's fundraiser-Spaghetti Dinner/Student Talent Show/Auction of classroom gift baskets. We had a packed hall to the point we ran out of food and still three more tables to feed. More pasta and meatballs were found and the talent show began. Father Ariel was the emcee  for our talent show. Part of the talent show was Sister Act III with Sr. Carol and three Sisters in formation.

We sang Salve Regina, My God-with Father Ariel playing the role of the muscle man and the handsome man. This really brought lots of laughs.
We ended with I Will Follow.

Other students sang and played the piano.The school choir sang several numbers.

Sunday morning the school choir traveled to St.Andrew's Catholic Church located in the city of Sierra Vista. We would be the choir at their 10:00am Mass.
We took time to warm up before Mass with vocalies.

The church was packed even the balcony was full. The choir did an outstanding job. They really gave great witness to All Saints Catholic School and hopefully we inspired some of the families at St. Andrew's Church to come to our school.

After Mass I quickly flew home to make the brownies for our Mardi Gras party for the choir from 1:00-3:00pm.  The choir members were welcomed with beads and some even came with their own Mardi Gras masks. One of the girls asked, "Can we be silly today?" I said, "Definitely! I might be sillier than you even!" A familiar comment as they entered the convent, " Is that brownies I smell?   U mm-mm!"

The first game which they loved went like this: put an animal cookie on your forehead and using the  muscles in your face and eyebrows move it down to your mouth and eat it. No hands allowed. Here is what the game looked like--

 Try it and see if you can eat the cookie before it hits the floor.....too many times. The choir became very successful at this.

Time for bingo! Winners already!

Great Mardi Gras masks! 
The next game was good old bingo played many ways. Many winners and several took their turns at calling bingo.

The Mardi Gras party ended with chips, pizza and brownies and then they all went outside to try out the hammock and to play tag, running from one wall to the other.

A fun and successful mini-Camp Franciscan in Sierra Vista!

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