Saturday, August 11, 2012

WOW!! A New Look in Lockers!

Wow! Did your locker in high school look this classy??
Take a look at the new look in lockers that students in Grades 5 and 6 have implemented and are so proud to show off.
Mirror and a LIGHT!! That actually lights!

Wallpaper look with a mirror or 2!

Organized look with a little white board for reminders!

Keep that lunch bag up high and out of the way. No smashed sandwich in there!

Our students found a new website that caters to lockers. Gone are the piled high lockers with smelly gym shoes and clothes piled at the bottom with books. Now if only their bedrooms would be this organized :):):)

As the first day of school, August 9th, came to a close, I asked different students what was so great about their first day and being back at All Saints Catholic School. Here are some of the answers:
PreK 4 year old-It's Fun!! She got to wear a uniform for the 1st time!

Making new friends!

Having lockers!
 I wonder what a boy's locker looks like. All those lockers above were girls.

Seeing more kids at our school!
Yes, the enrollment has increased. Thank you, God!!

Good times and seeing my friends!

Learning lots more than at my other school!


Awesome!        Made a bunch of new friends!
Playing with these chains!

Don't forget to light up that locker!

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  1. What a unique and wonderful article. Lockers are so important and I think they are building organizing skills for life! Love the pictures and comments from the students. Know that you are all prayed for and supported from the Oshkosh corner of WI.