Saturday, August 25, 2012

Family Fun Night!

Our Lady of the Mountains, Pray for us!
One of our parents, painted Our Lady for our school!

To kick off the school year the parent association at All Saints Catholic School always sponsors - "Family Fun Night". An early evening of free games for the kids on the parking lot and the men grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken burgrers.
This past Friday was our Family Fun Night. We had a monsoon shower at about 3:00pm early enough that it didn't delay the 4:30pm start.

Each classroom sponsored a game with prizes. There were lots of laughter, giggles, expectant eyes looking for the best prizes and family fun togehter.  Enjoy the pics!
Do you think I can make it?
 Horseshoe on the Bottle-one ring wins a prize!
 Fishing, Fishing, Fishing....... for a very good prize!
 Oh! Let me see what I caught!!
Popcorn - is always good at festivals. .50 a bag!

Now, big sisters are suppose to help out the baby sister. Watch how this big sister shows her little sister how to do the water relay.
 1st-fill it with water
 2nd-Let's get going now!
 Run, Run! and don't spill any!!!
POUR!! YEAH!  We made it! WINNER!!
 Fun for the whole family!

Time to Eat! 

Thanks, Boys,for cooking for us tonight!

Other happenings this week were the following:

Living in an Army base town you are always saying good-bye to someone throughout the whole year. Friday was the final day for one Army family who are being transferred from the hot Mexican border to the cold snowy border of New York touching Canada. They gave me a beautiful bouquet to say thank you. And they knew what I liked for a bouquet!

And how big must you be to help a fellow classmate out on the computer.......

O so Holy.... if mom could just see me now.

Forever Friends! BFF!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday but in the afternoon the wind began to pick up so I watched the blimp being lowered to its landing location so it wouldn't get ripped like it did 2 years ago by the wind. It is fun to have a blimp in your own backyard. :):):)

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  1. What a delightful article complete with pictures. I could even smell the grills and feel the water from the games. May God bless your school year with joyous learning!