Friday, June 15, 2012

Camp Franciscan- A Hit!

Camp Franciscan 2012 was a hit!  One of the girls I took with me from Sierra Vista said she didn't want to leave. Her dad could come and visit her at the Motherhouse. She would rather stay among the Sisters. She had that much fun and peace at Camp Franciscan.

Camp Franciscan is a camp for girls in Grades 5-12th. Those in high school attend a day of leadership training before the other younger girls in grade school arrive. The high school girls then lead their group to the different activities. This year the girls attended the following activities: Picnic-where they made ice cream, crafts-made a large purse, art-designed their own stain glass plate, prayer-took place at our beautiful college chapel with stain glass windows, Called to Be-blogged on our website about camp, games-Ladder Ball, Bocce Ball and put the clothespin in the vigil light candle-(only at the convent! :):)) Daily Mass and morning and evening prayer were also part of the schedule.

56 girls arrived at our Motherhouse from Kentucky, Illinois, Nebraska, Mississippi,Arizona and Wisconsin. For some it was their first time at Camp Franciscan and for others it was their 4th or 5th time. Many could not wait till they were old enough to be a junior leader.

The spirit among the girls was one of the best of the many camps I have attended. All the girls got along, participated and had a peaceful, prayerful spirit. I was amazed one night at about 9:45pm to hear a keyboard being played in our St. Francis Chapel on 2nd floor. I looked down from the 3rd floor choir loft and there in the darkness of the chapel, light coming only from the lights behind the Franciscan statues and the sanctuary candle, were about 12 of the junior leaders praying together as one of them played beautiful music on the keyboard. They did this on their own. One knew they were close to God and to each other. They grabbed the spirit of the camp.

The annual talent show was put on on Wednesday night for all the Sisters in the area. The girls could sign up for choir, readers' theater or the skit. With only three one hour practices they did extremely well.

When camp was over we had time for some sightseeing before heading back to Arizona. My sister, Sue, was gracious enough to provide transportation and be our tour guide. We walked on the submarine parked in the waters of the Manitowoc River in downtown Manitowoc. This sub was used in World War II. I was proud to walk on it because my father helped build the subs at this marine area in Manitowoc during the war.

We also had time to tour what Wisconsin is famous for - dairy farms. It took awhile for the girls to get use to the new smell and when they were able to let go of their noses they enjoyed the little calves and the big cows. Later we went to Pine Hill Dairy for a free ice cream cone during June Dairy Month if you made a purchase. This wasn't hard with all the choices of cheese to choose from: chocolate cheese, blueberry cheese, jalapeno cheese and so on.

Of course, in coming to Manitowoc one cannot leave without seeing Lake Michigan and putting your feet into the icy, cold water. My girls felt it looked like an ocean being such a large lake and strong, powerful waves.

It was also great to be back in PACKER COUNTRY!! It was obvious where ever you turned.

We arrived back in Sierra Vista at about 3:00 a.m. No one minded the late hour or loss of sleep since they were able to make so many more new friends and had a chance to get to know a "real live Sister".They found out they are real and really nice and like to talk and laugh.
Sierra Vista Campers
Front Lobby of our Motherhouse


  1. Sister Mary FrancesJune 22, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    I heard many good things about Camp and your comments added to it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I hada really great time at camp. I hope I can come back soon!! :)