Monday, April 9, 2012

From the Cross to the Waters of Baptism

Holy Saturday morning many parishioners gathered in church to pray the Stations one last time this Lent. Fr. Ariel asked that 14 families select one Station and 1) get a table to decorate with appropriate items for that station, 2) put a list of prayer intentions and 3) put pictures out of whom you wanted to pray for. I selected Station 12 for the Sisters.
We started in church and Father Ariel asked the men at first to carry this large cross as we went outside from Station to Station. The Stations started in the church's courtyard, went around school, onto the road, behind church and back into the church's courtyard. One saw the diversity in the parish as each family read their petitions and stood by the Station they had chosen. Each time we moved Fr. Ariel asked a different group of people to carry the cross-children, lectors, single women, and so on. It was a very prayerful and moving experience. For 20 minutes after the Stations parishioners shared their feelings of appreciation for this way of doing the Stations. I know it will be repeated next year with many more people because word will spread.

In the evening the church was full for Holy Saturday services. The fire was blazing away ready to prepare the new Easter candle. We were greatly in need of a new one.The one from 2011 leaned greatly because it began to melt last summer in the heat of all the fires in the mountains that surrounded our church.

There were 6 Baptisms, plus 2 Confirmations and one couple got married in the church. What a night of sacraments!!!

Tall, straight Paschal Candle!

Sacrament of Baptism

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacrament of Marriage with a proud family as witnesses
 Our pastor was so busy baptizing, confirming and marrying that he didn't have time to put his shoes back on after the six Baptisms. He is known now as the "barefoot priest".

He'd make a good Franciscan if he just would add sandals to his feet.


The beauty of Easter, especially having the curtains open once again to see the beauty of the mountains and wildlife that go past the large glass church window.

Easter Monday we journeyed to Our Lady of the Sierras to see the progress of the chapel being rebuilt. It was one of five buildings at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Sierras that burned in the Monument Fire last summer.
The ceiling is covered in ocotillo branches brought in from Mexico-luscious green.
Happy Easter to everyone!
Next up -Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday for all students put on by the Student Council. The Easter Season lasts 50 days-celebrate each one.

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