Thursday, January 26, 2012

Called to the City Council Meeting by the Mayor

When one gets a call from the diocesan office you know you better listen up. A month ago they called me and said I have a first for the diocese! The Mayor of Sierra Vista will not give me the proclamation for Catholic Schools Week unless I show up at the City Council meeting. The diocese was thrilled to have this media coverage and please take a picture for the diocesan newspaper. This is the first time any school was requested to appear before a City Council for such a proclamation.

I thought, I am not going alone. I invited the pastor and he said he would be my photographer. I invited Student Council and asked the President to tell what we are doing for Catholic Schools Week. I gave information about Catholic Schools as to how we embrace: Faith, Academics and Service.

The parents of the Student Council and the younger brothers and sisters also came to the meeting. All Saints Catholic School was well represented. It was very nice how many of the Council people and others at the meeting came up to talk to us before the meeting started.

Mayor Mueller read the proclamation after we were called up before all. It was very impressive and parents were beaming at their child. (This is the first Student Council at the school.)

When we got done the Mayor did a Proclamation for Cowboy Poetry Weekend. Yes, this is a first for me but I have found out how very important this is in Cochise County. Our students entered this county wide contest and we had three winners. It is a full weekend celebration of cowboys, horses, guitar and harmonica playing, lasso twirling and much more. One of the cowboys who received the proclamation recited by heart one of his cowboy poems- A Cowboy's Prayer at Christmas! They said this is their way of preserving the Cowboy in the Wild West of years gone by. A rich and colorful history and the poems tell it in great detail and expression.

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  1. Wonderful. And well deserved! Kudos to the Sisters, staff and students!