Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week of God's Creatures

Fire Drill-all did Great! Quiet and under a minute! Even the pastor came out for the drill and a new prospective parent and child. Also, there was a large red ant that found its way somehow to my knee and BIT!  These desert red ants are ferocious!  An ice pack later and it finally took the sting away but not the red spot. Today it is itching like all get out!

Now-this morning my secretary arrives and says in a panic, "Where is the janitor? There is a snake in the parking lot and all the kids are going to see it and freak out!"  I went looking but of course when one needs the janitor one can not find him. So I took care of the snake myself. After being in Mississippi where we had plenty of snakes also, I thought, give it a try. Got the broom, dustpan and the snake stick with a clamp on the end of it.

The snake was large. It was black with greenish-yellow stripes. It was dead and from the looks of it some hawk got it and not too long ago. The 3rd/4th grade teacher, ( a man), arrived at that time and said, "Should I get a camera and take your picture?"  I pushed it several times with the snake stick to be sure it was dead and then I proceeded to sweep it on to the dustpan. By this time several car loads of students had arrived and looked out the windows of their cars at me with all kinds of sounds.

New resting spot was across the road  under a cacti!

Let's see what creature of God crosses my path tomorrow!!!

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  1. Lots of new adventures: spiritual, physical and emotional! May all creatures of an unpleasant nature stay far away!