Sunday, October 2, 2011


Respect Life Weekend-Holy Hour on  Sat. from 3:30-4:30pm. My school choir sang the Fatima Ave after each decade and sang all the traditional benediction songs. I was amazed at them. They also knelt on the hard floor for the 1st decade. Free ice cream for all!

Sunday-there was a holy hour before each Mass as part of Respect Life Weekend. I got one of my Army Dads and his two sons in 7th & 8th to lead one of the decades-it was impressive to see these men praying as a family.

Ministry Weekend after all the Masses-there are 46 different ministries in this parish-each had a spot at one of the tables put up in the courtyard. There was a booklet with the description of each ministry and a sign up form to choose the ministry(ies) you care to serve at. I was at my spot with All Saints Catholic School.

 I found out why many people came over to me to volunteer to help out in school. Father Ariel in his announcements after Mass talked about the $340,000+ mortgage the school has out. He asked for all parishioners to pitch in and help save the school. He said it was not up to Sr. Carol who has been working hard to save the school and who inherited the debt. I feel a big weight lifted from my shoulders.

After the morning Masses I headed home to watch the Packer game as I awaited the arrival of our six Sisters from Tucson. They arrived and off we went for an early St. Francis Day Dinner at the 50s Diner one of my parents own. Since we are all products of the 50s we enjoyed all the memorabilia on the walls-Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, John Wayne, Ricky Nelson etc.  A walk down memory lane with poodle skirts and saddle shoes! We all remembered how these shoes never wore out but a pain to polish trying to keep the black polish from the white.

Next was a tour of our school and church. They were impressed with all the space we have and the beauty of the mountains all around us.

Came home and saw our Packers won with a high score of 49-7 touchdowns and still unbeaten!

Time now to put my feet up and get ready for a busy week in school: Monday off to Bisbee to meet with the deacon and strategize about recruiting students from St. Patrick's Parish there.
Tuesday-7:30am blessing of animls in the church's courtyard followed by our all school Mass outside with the animals. I know it won't be as quiet as the stable in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.

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