Friday, September 2, 2011

1st Month of School Accomplished

It is Labor Day Weekend! Thank you, God!! This means one month of school is over and I survived! Our Supt. came for a whole day visit. She was pleased to see the great spirit among teachers and students, all classrooms were being used and positive changes are being made at  All Saints Catholic School. One of the biggest changes I have seen was today at our 3rd school Mass. The students sang songs they really enjoyed and there was even student cantors and a duet at Communion time. The pastor was very pleased with the students' participation and with all the parents who came to the Mass. We surprised the pastor and put  smile on his face!!

On a humorous note-I did playground duty at noon. One student commented to me-"You are only the 2nd teacher to be on the playground." I found out other teachers stood at the edge of the playground and I actually walked by the students. When one of the girls asked me if I could swing on the swings-I showed her. Then when I heard there were bees by the trash can I jumped off instead of completely stopping. The student quickly informed me that she didn't think jumping off the swings was allowed!! I guess she is right.

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  1. Sounds like your presence and leadership skills are making for some very positive encounters! Prayers sent to you, Sr. Mary Gabriel and your faculty/staff/students for a wonderful month ahead!