Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Salute to Our Veterans!


One truly knows the meaning of Veterans' Day when you are in an Army city. Sierra Vista is home to Fort Huachuca, an Army Fort where currently hundreds of young Army recruits come for basic training. They also offer classes for officers to be.

Veterans Day here started off with a parade at 9:00am. All branches of the military were represented. It was a beautiful site of patriotism both by the participants in the parade and those viewing it on the sidelines. Makes you proud to say - " I am an American in the United States of America!"

Let me take you to the parade!  Be sure to stand and cheer for those who defend us and have defended us.

 Our flag is being carried through the parade and very proudly!

 The Knights of Columbus show their support in all their color. Many are veterans.

Army Band from Fort Huachuca.
Some of the Army men currently defending our country.
More ROTC recruits. Every high school in the area has such a program.

Candy and flags were passed out along the parade route.

 Fort Huachuca is home to the Buffalo Soldier. Many rode horses and still do.
 After the parade, Sister Joellen and I went to visit the Southern AZ Veterans Memorial Cemetery, which is very close to both of our parishes.

 Our flag flies proudly in front of the Huachucan Mountains behind the cemetery.
 Columbarium-many sections-beautifully done.
 The Roadrunner-State Bird of AZ - came to pay his respects as well on this Veterans' Day. For this roadrunner did not run from us but stayed close by our veterans.

 Each grave had a U.S. Flag. They have a special ceremony to place the flag at each grave.


Laid to rest near the mountains that surround the city of Sierra Vista.
After viewing the large columbarium and cemetery, we went to the other side of the cemetery and saw the carillon bells installed to play for all the fallen soldiers.

 Another cemetery was off to the side and all the stones were white. In reading the plaque, all of these soldiers died serving our country and their names remain unknown. Many were from the Civil War.

 Cemetery of the unknown Soldiers


 I was surprised to see this tombstone.

This plaque is for the soldiers who are known but missing in action here in Cochise County.
 Benches can be found throughout the cemeteries looking like this.

 A vivid reminder of how our servicemen and women are willing to give their life for our country. I was told this is still done today in the battlefield when someone is killed in action. Their gun, boots and helmet are used to make this military cross.
May God bless all of our Veterans - both living and deceased!
God bless America!

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