Saturday, May 17, 2014

Children-the future of our Church

Children, especially those that attend a Catholic School, are the future ministers and leaders of the Catholic Church. At All Saints Catholic School, our students are being prepared to take an active part in the church, especially the liturgy.

At our last two school Masses, at our parish-Our Lady of the Mountains, our students who take piano lessons played the piano for our school Masses.

Pictured above are the three students who played songs for our children's Mass.

They were applauded by the parishioners and students at the Mass for having the courage to play and for the congregation and lead the school choir. Many piano players enjoy playing the piano for themselves or their family but are too afraid to play in church, especially if the choir is up front.

It is so great to see each of the pianists helping each other out as they took their turn playing their part of the Mass.  I simply figured out an introduction for them to play for the choir, told them when to start and then they always looked to me towards the end of the song to see if I put up fingers of the next verse to sing or gave the sign to stop at the end of this.

 Our students also learn how to be a lector at the school and Sunday Masses. Our students - a 3rd and 6th grader-read for Easter Sunday Mass with an overflowing crowd in the church.  Our pastor, Fr. Ariel always says, " You can tell a child who was educated in a Catholic School when they get up to a microphone and automatically adjusts it to their height."
Here are our proud church pianists, loving their ministry of playing for the school choir.

Natalie also played for the 5:00pm Saturday night Mass with a choir.

Natalie's mom helped her out through the Mass and stayed by her to give her confidence and reassurance.

Natalie loves playing for Mass. She was also very relieved to have her first weekend Mass over, especially after she made it through the whole Gloria.

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