Saturday, March 8, 2014

ASH = A-Almsgiving S-Sacrifice H-Holiness

Lent has begun-40 days. Our church is prepared, as you can see all the purple and our beautiful glass window that showed the beauty of the mountains, various clouds and deer eating nearby during Mass, is now behind the brown curtain. For 40 days and nights we will not see God's beauty outside this window. It is a sacrifice all of us parishioners at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish make during Lent.

The school children had the first Mass on Ash Wednesday.Fr. A loves acronyms. Today it was ASH= A is for alms giving, S is for Sacrifice and H is for holiness. An easy way to keep us on track throughout Lent by remembering this small word and what each letter stands for.

Father Ariel is blessing the ashes and then adding a little extra holy water so the ashes will stick.

After students and adults received the ashes they also received a Lenten bracelet from our Student Council. It is a physical reminder of the promises we have made to Jesus the 40 days of Lent.

I asked one little Kindergarten boy where his purple bracelet was on the 2nd day of Lent. He told me he gave it to his mom so she can become holy. Wow! From a Kindergartner-how thoughtful and insightful!

Every classroom has a purple cloth now on their prayer table. Our March quote from Pope Francis that we are all trying to follow is the following: "Ask Jesus what he wants from you and be BRAVE!"  Very appropriate for Lent! Try it out and see what Jesus is asking of you-remember-be BRAVE!

Our outside bulletin boards for all to see, will track the 40 days of Lent. A little sign gives the numerical countdown and then a picture and quote for the day

During Lent on Friday evenings, there is the Way of the Cross in church followed by 'Soup Nite'. All are invited to the parish hall after Stations for soup and bread. There are 14 kinds of soup to choose from. Parishioners are called upon by neighborhoods to take their turn at bringing a crock pot of soup for this night. I have the 4th week to bring soup. I know I will be bringing a crockpot of creamy tomato basil soup.

Different groups in the parish take their turn at serving and cleaning up. I volunteered the school children to be first. Here was the action on that Friday night---
( These two girls are going with me to Camp Franciscan.)

This young student passed out the bread-and was so proud to do it.

Butter anyone?

Father A with my two church piano players. They also helped serve the soup.

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