Sunday, January 12, 2014

Musical Variety Show at Our Lady of the Mountains

Do you know your musicals? Here is a test. 
Saturday night, January 11 at Our Lady of the Mountains Parish, a fundraiser was held-dinner and a night of local talent performing musicals.
Mr. Joe Laird, our parish and school's head maintenance person, organized the event and was the emcee.
I was shocked to see him "all decked out" as we always see him in his work clothes - Monday-Friday. He has a great sense of humor and a quick wit, which made him an excellent emcee, plus everyone knows "Joe". Yes, he is a "good old Joe!"

The first act was "The Second Time Around" sung by Carol who is also in our church choir.

Next, Bobby and Bernie danced to "Edelweiss". Have you guessed the two musicals so far?

Joyce and Elia tap dance to " 42nd Street". 

Up next-a very talented family. Mom plays the piano and her three children sing songs from "Oliver". 

Even the 4 year old does a solo! And she is so happy to do so. Last year she watched her older brother and sister sing while she was down below, crying to be on the stage. She got her wish this year.

Bill and Stan sang "Grand Old Flag" !

 Father A presides
 Father A dances with the bride.
The bride and groom at their wedding reception. 

 Barry and Tess tap danced "Trashing the Camp".

How can we ever forget Shirley Temple? 

Our pastor, Father Ariel "Father A", sang To Dream the Impossible Dream. 
He did it to highlight that when he arrived almost 4 years ago to the parish, there was no rectory for the pastor ( a rented house only) and the school had a debt of over $400,000. As of this night, the parish is ready to break ground for the rectory and the school debt is less than $40,000 and will be burned this Fall. Dreams are possible if one keeps dreaming and believes in the Almighty God and the generosity of His people. 

 Bobby sang "Wandering Star" .

 Mr. Joe sang "There Is Nothing Like A Dame"! 

 Debbie and Zumba Group dance to "Beggin".

I had the great job of pulling the curtain for the evening. It was the best spot to see the show up close and personal, to help with the props for each act and all the funny, crazy things that happen behind stage in between acts.

 I went from working in the kitchen and helping with the dinner, to the stage as Act #1, to pulling the curtain for all the acts.

This week, I had time at last to organize and clean out my school closet. I put away the Christmas play costumes and went through things. I went through a box of items that I had shipped from Hawaii three years ago. I had forgotten what I had in that box. I found my puppet-"Lambchops". I showed my singing Lambchops to  Mr. Joe and said I would be the commercial between acts when the curtain is pulled and I could be the comic relief.
I was, I know, the comic relief as Act #1. You see Lambchops sings as I operate his mouth.

We had a full house for our show and a great time was had by all.  What a variety of musicals, wouldn't you say? Did you get 100% on naming them all?

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