Sunday, April 14, 2013

Holy Family Parish at Fort Huachuca

Today I went to Mass at the Army Fort-Fort Huachuca. The parish there is called Holy Family. Several of our school families attend this church and it was nice to see them there and to celebrate with them. Lt.Colonel Fr. Pete Uhde is the new pastor there. He came to visit our school for our Career Day to speak about being a military chaplain. Fr. Pete gets you laughing and keeps you laughing with all kinds of stories. And through it all is a message for all of us that we can take with us for the week.

The unusual part about this church is that it is really nondenominational. All religions at the Fort use this church. Before Mass began the little wooden doors on the stations were opened up, the statue of Mary was brought into the sanctuary and the Blessed Sacrament was brought in from the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. We now have a Catholic Church.
At the end of Mass men carry the statue of Mary out and the servers close all the doors on the stations so it is ready for the next religion to come in and have their Sunday worship.

It makes you see what makes our church Catholic and different from other religions.

On Saturday it was First Holy Communion at our parish-Our Lady of the Mountains. Students were very anxious, nervous and excited and so were the parents.

Lining up for the procession in.

Gloves were removed in preparation for receiving the Body of Christ.

Praying of the Our Father

Blessing of 1st Holy Communion, rosaries, crosses, Bibles
One of the guests was so proud to be able to wear her Easter dress and bonnet.

AND ....her mom let her wear her new purple flip-flops that she isn't allowed to wear to school-she was thrilled :):)

It was a year for the boys. 
Spring is here and summer is knocking-the roses at the convent are all in bloom once again.

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