Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Does a Sister Do On Vacation?

I often hear these questions:  Do you ever take a vacation? What do you do on your vacation? You have brothers and a sister? Are these your kids? And I respond: Yes, I do take a vacation. I go to see my family and no, these aren't my kids they are my nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephews.

I spent a week with my family in Wisconsin -some days in Green Bay and other days in my hometown of Luxemburg, population of about a 1,000.

While on vacation we had family get-togethers. I loved seeing green grass and walking barefoot in it.

I spend time on our family farm that  my brother now runs.
Here's Buddy- every farm has a farm dog and he is everyone's buddy.

One retreat I was in, the retreat master said, " Have you ever looked a cow in the eye?" I don't remember how it fit in with his talk but I remember saying to myself - Yes, I have.

Will you give chocolate milk?
She isn't too sure of me or she really doesn't want to be on Candid Camera.
Every farm also has cats and kittens - litter of 5 this time.

Sunset in the country!
Spending time with my little brother and his family in the village of Luxemburg.
Here's Baxter - the most spoiled family dog of all time.
He knows there is  a treat coming.

Taking time to attend Mass at my home parish of St. Mary's in Luxemburg.

Vacation - time to eat out with the family and to enjoy your favorites-like chocolate cake!

When in Green Bay there is always time to stop at Lambeau Field and see all the Packer Greats.
Go Pack Go!

My Dad had season tickets and attended the infamous "Ice Bowl" Championship game against
 the Dallas Cowboys
We lived and breathed Lombardi. He was everyone's hero. Milking time, (when the cows were milked) on Packer Sundays depended on what time the Packer game was.

Vacation time is almost over but there is time for one game of miniature golf. We didn't realize it would be the hottest day of the summer - high of 99 with humidity!

I had the 2nd lowest score to my nephew's dismay.
Now off to the Motherhouse for the Quasi Chapter!

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  1. Buddy looks like he could be my dog, Molly's, brother! I got her in WI in 2007, from a home in Long Lake, which is in the Manitowoc region, S. of Green Bay. She is a lab/spaniel mix.

    It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I worked at Silver Lake College, and my Sister colleagues would come back from vacation and tell about their adventures with family, or travels. Thank you for sharing photos of your experience!