Friday, May 25, 2012

Congratulations and Good -Byes!

Everyone always looks forward to the end of the school year-students, teachers and the principal. But yet when it comes it also means saying good-bye to friends, great students and special memories.

At All Saints Catholic School we had only one graduate this year. George was in our school for nine years and he is a shining example of what a Graduate of a Catholic School should be. George received all kinds of awards: High Honors for all nine years at our school, Service Award, American History Award, Student Council President and so on.

A reception was held after Mass for all the students and teachers as George was a friend to all students. Each student made him a card and enjoyed some of his cake and ice cream.

One memory that George leaves with our school is dumping a pan of water on his principal. George was awarded the Service Award, as one project he took upon himself was the cleaning up and setting up of the cafeteria every day. One day as he was folding the tables up and I had cafeteria duty that day, I looked up and saw the pan of water used to wash the tables up in the air over my head directed right at me. There wasn't time to move away. I screamed and got doused with water. The cafeteria became still and George was in shock and all waited for my reaction. I laughed and George was very apologetic. ( I was glad they had not added bleach into the water that day.) Since then everyone wanted to know how I was going to get back at George and so did George. He waited for it. At the Last Blast I challenged him in the water balloon toss but got wet twice. At last as I filled a bucket of water up for the Sponge Bucket Race, George had his back to me and I couldn't resist throwing the bucket of water at him. He was glad that I finally got him and many students gave me the High 5!

On Graduation Day we also promoted our Kindergarten Class to First Grade.

We said good-bye to three students who are moving out of state because of their parents' jobs.

School Year 2011- 2012 held many blessings for all of us! We give thanks to God for His goodness to us.

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  1. These closing rituals are so important as each of us moves to a new place, a new grade or a renewed commitment to our ministry. Thank you for sharing how it was done at your school.