Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hiking the Neighborhood!

Warm weather has returned and it is time to hit the trails again. First hike was to Brown Canyone Ranch. The ranch was built in the 1800s and is now owned by Cochise County. Has lots of great hiking trails. We met a couple coming down with a large garbage bag of trash. Many people take time to collect the trash left behind in the mountains.

The Trail

We hiked behind the large blimp that is parked by our school's grounds. I got a better close up view of it. It is unmanned and when sent up can see 190 miles in all directions. It was commissioned to detect low flying planes from Mexico carrying drugs.

2nd hike was to Our Lady of the Sierras, a few miles from our school in Hereford. This large cross, statue of Mary and the 14 Stations, (Way of the Cross) survived the Monument Fire this summer. It burned the home of the creator of this shrine, the chapel and everything around it. God spared the large cross and the statue of Mary and the Stations. The chapel is being rebuilt. It is built into the mountain side. The cross can be seen on Highway 92 below. It is also on the internet if you wish to check the history of this shrine.

Before the fire, Mass was celebrated in the chapel and the rosary was prayed daily here also.  A small house was built below the Shrine for visiting priests to stay there on retreat. The only thing asked of the priest was to say daily Mass in the chapel. The priest house also burned in the fire.

Road to the Shrine

View from part way up to the shrine

Station of the Cross

Trees still burnt & dead from the summer's fire

View from the halfway up the Shrine.

Not touched by the fire.

Our Lady of the Sierras

As we drove and walked through the mountains we saw the burnt trees and blackened rocks. We are waiting to see if Mother Nature brings these trees back to life.

Waterfall by the cross

12th Station-Jesus dies on the cross.

Sitting to take a much needed water break.

Outside the Chapel of Our Lady of the Sierras

Palo verde branches inside chapel-waiting to be used.

Inside the chapel that is being rebuilt.

Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Tidbits from All Saints Catholic School:
  • A 3rd grade girl came late to school. Highly unusual for her as she lives on the dirt, rocky road right behind school. She was walking to school when there was a rattle snake curled up in the middle of the road. She turned around and asked her mom to drive her to school. To me this was an excused tardy.
  • Driving to school and a large coyote crosses the road into a field
  • Leaving our house and three roadrunners are running on the street
I just love seeing all the wildlife in great Arizona!!


  1. Thank you for these wonderful photos and your very interesting comments. I feel like I've visited your mission several times already. Keep up the good work... and the fun!

  2. Thanks, Sister Carol, for the great tour of our Lady of the Sierras!
    Sister Mariadele

  3. Sister Carol, I enjoy your sharing of your hiking and other activities in your area. This was a nice hike for the Season of Lent. Thank you for sharing. Sister Helena