Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Last week we welcomed a 3rd Sister to our Franciscan home-Sister Kay. She is teaching Math to the 7th graders, helping out in the school office & at the parish office. Also, she is willing to fill in where needed. She has already subbed as  my secretary and for the 1st/2nd grade teacher, (only 45 minutes).

Sr. Kay went to her first parish event on Saturday night-Mardi Gras Dinner put on by the ladies of the parish.

Father Ariel joined our table. We almost all came in classic "black" for the festive affair.

Valentine's Day was celebrated with reds and pinks. The Student Council sponsored a contest. The class with the most red and pink won a large box of chocolates. It was a tie between Grades 5 & 6 with Grades 3 & 4.

I joined in with the "Red Party" . It is my favorite color.

The insurance inspector from the Diocese of Tucson came for his annual inspection. His first question was-"Do you check for scorpions on the playground?"  I said no I don't-should I? He said, yes, some schools have the scorpions especially in the sand.  I told him I keep a look out for snakes but not scorpions but I will for now on.
Besides being Valentine's Day we also celebrated the 100th Birthday of the State of Arizona-one of the younger states in the continental U.S.  My 1st/2nd grade teacher made an AZ cake for the party.

We also had a surprise on Valentine's Day and AZ's 100th Birthday-hail. Around 1:00pm the sun was shining and the wind was fiercely blowing and the hail came down for about 8 minutes.  A new sight!

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  1. So many new experiences for you! Wow, hail must have almost seemed like snow. Blessings on your Lent and 39 more days...the brown curtain would be a stark reminder for me too.