Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season to Party and Sing Carols

Our Lady of the Mountains Convent officially held their 1st party. The school choir came caroling in the neighborhood and then parents and students were invited to the convent for cocoa and homemade Christmas cookies. There were 18 children and about 12 adults in our combined living room/kitchen. One parent commented," I bet you never had so much noise in your house before." I responded, "No, but it is good news."
Adults and children had great fun for their 1st time caroling. One family gave the carolers candy canes as Rudolph looked on.
The choir also sang at the 9:30am Sunday Mass. Their last song was "Stay Awake". When it was announced Fr. Ariel in shock exclaimed-:"STAY AWAKE?" The choir sang the 4 lines of the song over and over and over and over...... as Fr. Ariel smiled in awe at the choir singing this new learned song he had never heard before. We finally stopped and then he processed down the aisle.

The choir in the evening sang carols at St. Andrew's Catholic Church before the performance of Handel's Messiah that Sr. Carol sang in with an ecumenical choir. Never sang so many carols within one weekend.

Sunday morning as I sat in church for the 7:00am Mass I saw two fawn come to the large window behind the altar. The fawns stared in awe as everyone came up for communion.

In the evening at the 5:00pm Mass I watched it snowing on the mountains through the beautiful window. When I left church, it was pouring rain-I think I would have rather had the snow from the mountains.

Monday morning as we drove to school we saw the snow on the mountains all around us. Here is a picture of the mountains that you see through the church window......

Our school has no flag pole. One of my requests for a fundraiser early on in the school year was a flag pole. Woodman's of America donated one immediately. It got dropped off at a school in Tennessee by mistake so we had to wait awhile to get it. Now the Knights of Columbus are installing it for me. Here the cement is being poured around the casing to hold the pole secure. With the strong winds we have coming down from the mountains this is important.

Our students in grades 5-8 made this beautiful stainglass window for our Parish Hall. Our Art teacher-Mrs. Harig-one week had each student draw one part of the stained glass window. The next week they each had to paint it. She put it together for all of us. What a blessing and reminder of this Christmas season soon to be upon us.

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  1. This project started with a gift of boxes of transparent sheets from Nancy M.and a desire to challenge the students to a group cooperation project. Da-Da A stained glass technique on the sheets. Each student created their sheet based on a grid of a large picture. When done right, it all comes together as one large picture. What a challenge of cooperation and fun.