Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mountains Have Seasons

It is amazing to see how mountains change with the seasons.You would think that mass of rock would stay the same.

As we drive to and from school it surprises us to see the changes in the mountains, especially on the top of the mountains. We have seen the mountain tops go from green after the monsoons, to a patch of burnt yellow in Fall when the bushes change colors, to a white frosting on the top when we had rain down below but it was colder up there and the mountains were frosted with snow.

The wildlife continues to surprise me here.Saturday I was walking behind school when right in front of me were 2 deer and 2 baby fawns. They stared at me and I back. But they did not look like Wisconsin deer-there were too much of a dark gray color and they looked different. I thought perhaps they might be antelope but no they didn't look like antelope. I was disappointed I didn't have my camera with me to catch their surprise look at me. I was as surprised as they were.

That night I was reading the AZ Highway Magazine that our maintenance man shares with me and there I found my answer-AZ has mule deer. Called so because of their tall ears that are shaped like mules. That is what I saw then-a family of mule deer. I hope to get their family photo soon for all of you to see as I will be taking my camera with me from now on when I take a walk in our school neighborhood.

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