Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Great-Grandmother was a Sister!

Being the first Sisters at a parish is alot of work for the parishioners to get ready, before the Sisters arrive. In our case at Sierra Vista, they had to do the following: find a house to rent for us, buy us beds and dressers and put them together, get dishes, towels, silverware, and everything needed in a kitchen. They also had to get us a car.

I saw in the Parish Finance Meeting Minutes the discussion about contacting two car dealers. It turns out they didn't have to. One of the parishioners donated his 2010 gold Honda with only 9,000 miles on for us to use. Joe Hood, the parishioner, is blind and his wife,who was the driver died in Spring. When Joe heard that Sisters were coming to the parish he knew he had to donate the car he no longer needed for the Sisters because his great-grandmother would want him to do that. For as you see, his great-grandmother was a Sister.

We asked to meet Joe in person to thank him and he took us out for breakfast after Sunday Mass and then told us the story of his Sister Great-Grandmother. She was married and had three children when her husband was accused of stealing horses (this is in Ilinois). He was quickly lynched from a bridge. Being a widow with no job she could not afford to keep her children so she gave them to relatives to take care of and entered the Convent herself. It took three months after his death for his wife to prove her husband was innocent. Joe was 5 years old when his great-grandmother died and she was buried from a cathedral. Joe proudly has a picture of his Great-Grandmother in her full habit of wimple, coif etc with her three children and  Joe in her arms as a baby. Like Joe said, " It was only right that he donate the car to the Sisters" for that is what he knew his Great-Grandmother would want him to do. We are so happy too! God bless Joe!

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