Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Nativity Sets

Tis the season for the Christ Child to be under the Christmas Tree, in a stable underneath the altar, in a classroom or live on the school stage. Have you ever really looked at the figures in a Nativity Set?  Do you see the expressions and wonder what they are thinking if they were alive or what the artist's or sculptor's intent was when he created the expressions or positions? Let us take a look at some of these Nativity Figures.

This King is looking with reverence toward the Baby Jesus and a sort of twinkle in his eye-"Yes, we have at last found the newborn King. "

On his knees, he is looking intently at the Baby Jesus and in awe of the simplicity of the king's birth and in wonderment as how He will rule.

I come  bearing gold for the newborn King. He is still riding his camel, following the Star in the East and searching with his eyes so intently to find this King.

A very simple stable with a very tiny baby surrounded by His loving parents-Mary and Joseph. The angel is proud to tell the Good News to all she can.

The tiniest, hand-carved wooden babe, lying in a wooden manger-arms outstretched to tell the world-The Newborn King is here. Scripture has been fulfilled.  The Christmas cards around the babe tell the complete story.

The Peruvian Nativity Set is precious and small - just like the Baby Jesus that first Christmas Night when he came to surprise the world.

Baby Jesus here, in front of the altar, is larger than His parents-probably to show the big job God the Father has given to Him to do on Earth. He came to fulfill the Scriptures.

Mary and Joseph acting out on Christmas Eve in church why we all gather together in crowds on Christmas Eve. We have come to tell you the story of that First Christmas in the Little Town of Bethlehem. Where the Drummer Boy came to give Jesus what he had-the gift of song and playing the drums.

At Midnight Mass, we hear how Mary gave birth in a stable with Joseph at her side. And she named Him Jesus, as the angel told her to.

The ox and donkey witnessed the birth of this new King and gave Him the warmth He needed on that cold Christmas Eve.

With Joseph giving the first light to the newborn King who would bring Light to all the world as He grew in wisdom.

May we all take time to give thanks to Mary and Joseph for their Big Yes to God the Father and may we too give our Yes to God when He calls out to us by name.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Our Teens Step Up!

A lot of people complain about teenagers these days but I have to compliment ours. We sponsored a car wash to benefit one of our parents who has cancer. The teens in our school came forth and worked hard from 8:30am - 12:15pm.

So many cars were lined up we were kept quite busy and we never even had time to take a break and eat one of the delicious donuts provided by one of our sponsors.

We raised over $2,000 for our mom with cancer.
We were suppose to end at noon but the cars kept coming along with the  money. I finally said, "Take the signs down!! Quit advertising"  Many of us had to go someplace else in the afternoon.

One student asked if he could tell cars who get in line after we had our cut off time that we aren't washing any more cars.  I told him, to go for it!  He was great at the job. He let two more cars who had a presale ticket through. When the 3rd car came, with no presale ticket and he told them no to doing "just one more car" he responded with, "We already did two just one more car requests." Good response!

The second time recently when our teens came through to help others was when they assisted St. Vincent de Paul Society in our parish with preparing the Thanksgiving boxes - 156 of them.

All the students in school brought food to the parish hall for the baskets. It was great to see the small children's expressions when they saw all the food collected.

7th and 8th graders assisted the St. Vincent de Paul volunteers in preparing the boxes in all ways.

May these teens continue to be of service as they grow into adulthood.  It was a great way to begin the Advent Season.

During this Advent season I encourage you to go to our Motherhouse website and listen to the Advent song "Awake The Voice" by Krista Detor.  As you listen to her beautiful voice, picture Mary and Joseph as they prepare for the birth of their child.

Have a very holy Advent Season!